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Hello. I'm Karen Amaden

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I have spent many years as a funeral director. I came to the realization that even though grief is a common emotion, many people did not have the confidence to manage it in their life. Even though grief is common, it is an emotion that many people hide. I assist in the process of acknowledging grief, embracing it and making it a part of life. 


One of my hobbies is growing succulent plants. The succulent plant is a very resilient plant. It will survive in very harsh, dry conditions by conserving its energy. Many of these plants will produce flowers. The succulent is a symbol of enduring love. The succulent provides the perfect symbolism for grief. It survives, it becomes resilient and it flourishes. Once grief is acknowledged, it becomes a part of life and life becomes livable.


My purpose in creating this website is to share my insights, teachings and research. I offer encouragement and compassion in order to assist the grieving person in becoming resilient in life. It is my hope that you will become more comfortable with your grief and society will become more accepting of grief as a normal healthy emotion.

You can fully live with grief in life.

Unique Individualized 

Grief Care

I am a Certified Bereavement Care Provider.

Contact me.


Many have found that yoga is a great practice for processing grief in life.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I am available to offer yoga for grief.


I provide workshops specifically designed to assist those who want to learn how to work with grief in their life. I have designed the COPE method as a way for grieving people to assimilate grief into their everyday life. 


I am available to speak to small groups on the topic of grief.

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