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In Honor of Father's Day

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

We sat on the edge of a hospital bed, witnessing the death of our dad; a bond was formed that will last a lifetime. Not everyone is afforded the experience. Not everyone chooses the experience. My sisters and I chose to witness the transition.

Could Dad hear us? We hoped so. Did he know his daughters were by his side? We hoped so. Was he aware of our love? We knew so. We were his daughters; he was our dad and together we were there.

Living, laughing, crying, praying, pacing, sitting, waiting, hugging, kissing, holding, wishing, watching, goodbying, sighing, crying=me.

Breathing, sleeping, listening, stillness, waiting, fading, silence, running, dancing, embracing, helloing, gazing at his Savior=my dad Bud. 51920112245

And the room was quiet, still, holy.


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