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On the Cliff

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I can think of three people in my life that I love even though they no longer live. Death has removed them from this earth.

The knowledge that I will never see these three, face to face, dredges up an emptiness that is heart wrenching. I miss the conversations, the laughs, the cups of coffee, the challenges and their presence. At times, my heart aches for them. I love talking about them. I love thinking about the things I’ve learned from them. The impact they continue to have on my life is endearing.

If you have been following me for any period of time and have read my writings, you know that I enjoy succulents. Succulent plants are very resilient and endure harsh environments. This summer I traveled to California. It was along the coastline that I learned just how resilient succulents can be. I always thought succulents preferred a dry climate. I was surprised. The ocean raged and waves crashed on the rocks. The wind and rain pelted my raincoat. This was harsh, this was salty and damp. But, growing out of the side of the rocky cliff was a blanket of succulents. Rooted in the crevices, this resilient plant flourished. Tiny pink flowers bloomed under this gloomy gray sky, nourished by the salty spray.

The entire scene reminded me of grief and love. Grief batters, crashes and rages. But love endures.

On the rocky coast of California came a heart-warming realization; my love transcends the limits of earthly life. My love for these three special people continues to grow all the while my grief swirls and churns. The lesson I learned from the pink blanket of succulent flowers; love endures the harsh environment of grief, let it bloom for all who care to see. This is living with Grief in Life.


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