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Invitation to Grief and Grace

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

When you experience the death of someone you love, you are bombarded with so many emotional, physical and mental manifestations, you become overwhelmed. You find yourself questioning your sanity. The many manifestations are not new; however, you never knew they were a part of grief.

You never knew that grief is a full-on assault of Your faculties. Grief attacks your physical body mental body, emotional body, energy body and spiritual body. These attacks can be full force and obvious or subtle and sneaky.

Grief is messy. Grief is unpredictable. Grief is complicated. When living with grief, grace is needed. Webster’s dictionary defines grace as a temporary exemption. You may have an idea as to what your life should look like, you may have expectations for yourself and feel like you are not measuring up. Give yourself a temporary exemption. You are learning to live with your grief. This is new for you. Your life has changed. Grace. You get an exemption all expectation because your life has been radically altered due to the death of someone you love.

Grief invites you to quiet yourself, turn inward, examine your needs, and then with grace, grant yourself permission to experience what your body needs, emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Give yourself an exemption, wrap yourself in gentleness, grace is granted.


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