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A New Resident

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

“When you lose someone you love, grief will take up residence in your life; and that is okay. It’s there to be felt in all its horrible splendor.” - Karen Bywater

The death of someone you love changes your life forever. The physical presence and shared life are replaced with grief. Grief seeps into every facet of your life, it becomes a constant companion.

Ask yourself a question. Did you love this person in such a way that the two of you shared a bond that was like no other? Does it stand to reason then that you should feel the pain of grief as deeply as you do? You loved deeply and fiercely and now you will grieve deeply and fiercely.

Grief is going to be felt because it is very personal. Is it horrible? Yes. It is painful, confusing and hard. Your grief is yours to have and to hold, to experience and live. Your grief will teach you, cause you to question and lead you. Your grief will confuse you and confound you. At times it will make perfect sense. Your grief will scare you and comfort you. You will feel alone and disconnected from your loved one. But there will be times when you will feel their love as if he or she is in the same room. Your grief will get messy, it usually does. It is all okay. This is the horrible splendor and it is meant to be felt.

This is what it is like to live with Grief in Life.


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