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Gratitude in Grief

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

You are living a sorrow that you never knew existed; a pain that can only be understood by experience. The dark side of love. In the shadows, growing, alongside love, all the feelings, emotions, turmoil and chaos, unleashed when death took your beloved.

The darkness drawing you deeper into the numbness. In this darkness there is nothing; no feeling, no hope, no desire. The mere thought of gratitude brings nothing. The numbness feels right.

Sit in this darkness, feel the numbness. Remember the love? This love, nurtured over time, deepened through desire, time honored and true. Remember this love? Go ahead, feel it through the choking tears. Feel it stirring in your soul. Feel it rising in your chest. Feel your heart pound as you remember the fantastic, shared love.

Grief is the shadow side of love.

If there is nothing but this shared love to be grateful for, that is enough.


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