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The Memories

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

At least we have the memories.

Memories, those snippets of everyday life that we relive at any moment. Memories, those big events we recall and have the photos to prove we truly did experience such thrills. Memories are what we have when the moments of life move on.

It is a sobering thought when we realize the chance to create new memories with our loved one no longer exists. The memories we poses are all there will ever be. Precious as they may be, remembering can also be a catalyst for the pain we experience. The sting of death is due in part when we realize we will not create more memories with our loved one. However, we cannot stop remembering and reliving the moments of life that we shared. Cherish them. Give yourself permission to feel lost, let down, ripped off, angry, disappointed and abandon. It is okay.

This is yet another layer of living with Grief in Life.


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