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The Power of Scent

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Has this ever happened to you? You are going about your day, doing whatever it is that you do, all of a sudden you get a whiff of a scent that reminds you of your loved one. Whatever the scenario, the scent triggers a memory and you find yourself reliving the moment. Whether the memory is pleasant or not, it was in direct correlation with the scent.

This phenomenon is not a coincidence. Actually, two systems work in conjunction to make this happen. The olfactory system which has to do with the processing of the scent and the limbic system which is responsible for storing memories and creating the emotions involved.

Very simply, a scent enters the nose. At the roof of the nasal cavity there is a porous bone in which the scent passes through and enters the brain. The brain processes the scent and you either recognize it or not. If you recognize it, the limbic system brings to mind situations where you have encountered the scent and the emotions involved. Obviously, this happens quickly and the experience is either pleasurable or not.

What if you purposely and intentionally use this naturally occurring response?

When you are missing your loved one, could you use scent, to bridge the gap absence has created? Would there be special moments that you could relive if you had a whiff of a special cologne, or perfume? Maybe the scent would be of a specific food item or drink, scented candles or essential oils, wood shavings, motor oil, shampoo or baby powder.

What scent would warm your heart and wrap you in love?


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