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When Grief Comes to Christmas

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I always get reflective during the Christmas season. Remembering Christmas traditions that have been passed down through generations brings a smile to my face. However, at my stage of life those memories are mixed in with sorrow. I fondly remember grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Time has a way of changing things as does death. With death comes grief; and grief invites itself to Christmas. If only grief paid attention to the calendar and stayed out of the holidays, but we know that isn’t the case.

When grief comes to Christmas, it begs us to remember. Remember the Christmases of the past when our loved ones shared the season. Grief wants us to remember the joy with fondness but at the same time grief asks us to shed tears of sorrow. When grief comes to Christmas, it wants to hear the music but with a longing in the notes. When grief comes to Christmas it wants us to fix the special treats, not because it is hungry, but because they were the favorites.

When grief is in the Christmas it invites us to trim the tree. Grief knows that the twinkly lights will comfort our tired souls as we sit in darkness and remember. Grief invites us to rest this Christmas. Grief knows we are weary and worn. Grief feels our heaviness from heartache. Grief understands that our mood is melancholy. When grief comes to Christmas it doesn’t ask us to pretend it doesn’t exist. It invites us to be still and rest.

When grief comes to Christmas it invites us to surrender. It knows that for us, the gift of Christmas is in the surrender. It is in acknowledging our grief and including it in our Christmas that we become true to ourselves. When grief comes to Christmas, we realize that the awe of the season can be experienced along with grief in our life.


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